Going a little deeper

Peels are naturally occurring nontoxic organic acids derived from plants and fruits.
Chemical peels are a proven way to give your skin a healthier and more youthful radiant appearance. Many skin conditions can be improved by having a customized peel. Treatments are customized based on your needs, focusing on adult and teen acne, glycolic, alpha-hydroxy and enzyme treatments, micro-dermabrasion, mild, mid-depth and deep peels.

Light (Progressive) Peels:

Progressive peels are the lightest of skin peels. These are ideal for minor discolorations and a few fine lines. Treatments may include chemicals, enzymes, vitamins and spot treatment.

Glycolic Treatment $100 (30 min)
Lactic Hydration Peel $100 (30 min)
Brighten-Up $145 45 min
Go and Glow Peel $145 (50 min)


Mid-Depth (Medium) Peels:

Medium peels are ideal for those with thicker skin and they require very little down time. Peeling will be similar to a sunburn peel. Mid-depth peels can typically be done monthly.

Baby Boomer Peel $200
Melanin Lift $200
Detox Peel $175
Vitamin A and Peroxide Peel $175


Deep (Intense) Peels:

With a deep peel, your skin undergoes considerable peeling. Some down time may occur on days three to four as skin becomes brown and crusty. The skin peels in large segments beyond the superficial flaking. These peels may be done six weeks apart.

Jessner or Non-Resorcinol Peel $300-$375
(depending on layers 3-7 layers)
TCA / Salicylic w/ Vitamin A Peel $300